Claudia Minozzi


Claudia Minozzi

Claudia Minozzi was born in Rome, Italy, in June 1949. Between 1970 and 1972 she attended both the St. James School of Painting and the Nude Art School.

She graduated at the University School of Education in Rome in 1973.

Between 1975 and 1997 she worked in Geneva, Switzerland, as a teacher appointed by the Italian Foreign Office. During this time she taught Italian to teenagers and adults of the Italian Community in Switzerland in order to preserve their language and culture of origin.

Claudia Minozzi

For over 20 years she developed her teaching activity in the immigration context expanding the literacy of adults and coordinating programms for the inclusion of the Italian immigrants to Switzerland.

During this time she received permanent training in literature and art history at the Universities of Berkeley, Zurich and Berne. She has traveled most of Europe, South America, the USA, Africa and the Middle East.

Claudia Minozzi

In 1992 she went back to her art of sculpting and engraving and attended the Geneva School of Fine Arts. Since then her artistic activity has grown fast and has evolved significantly over the years. Claudia has exhibited her works in major art galleries and art shows across Switzerland and Italy where she won several awards.

In 1998 the Ginevra Council honoured her with a private art studio as a recognition for her work. In 2004 she moved back to Rome where she continues her artistic workshops in her art studio in Cesano, in Rome's countryside.

Claudia Minozzi - Incisioni Sculture

                                           1969-1973: University of Rome "La Sapienza". Degree in Education.
                                           1970-1972: St. James School. Painting and drawing classes.
                                           1971-1973: School of Fine Arts. Art Nude school.
                                           1995-1999: Training and Diploma in sculpture at the Ginevra.
                                                  High School of Visual Arts. Bachelor in art history.

2007 - Latina, IT- International Engraving Association.
2006 - Venezia, IT - "Venezia Viva" Gallery. "Artista in
            formato" Engraving.
2006 - Venezia, IT - "Venezia Viva" Gallery. The carnival.
2003 - Ginevra, CH - CAI Centre d'art in l'ile:"Meta Fulgens".
            Private exhibition. Sculpure, engraving and art books.
2003 - Venezia, IT - "Venezia Viva" Gallery: "Artista in
            formato" Engraving.
2002 - Ginevra, CH - Halles de la Fonderie à Courage.
2002 - Venezia, IT - Venezia Viva" Gallery:
            "Artista in formato" Engraving.
2002 - Ginevra, CH - Artist studio. Open Day.
2002 - Ginevra, CH - CAI Centre d'art in l'ile: visiting cards.
2002 - Ginevra, CH - Villa du Jardin Alpin. Engraving.
2002 - Rome, IT   - The CIAC Biennal for International Art.
           Bramante Hall, sculpture.
2001 - Rome, IT    - LIDU Gallery. Birds marks.
           D'Annunzio Tribute. Engraving.
2001 - Rome, IT    - The "Santa Maria in Montesano" Basilica.
2001 - Ginevra, CH - HUG: University Hospital.
            Private exhibition. Engraving, sculpture.
2001 - Rome, IT    - Atelier 50. Private exhibition.
            Engraving and art books.
2000 - Arzo, IT      - Cave sculpture. Ticino, CH.
2000 - Ginevra, CH - Artist studio: engraving, drawings,
            sculpture and art books.
2000 - Ginevra, CH - Rotonde du Mont Blanc. Private exhibition
       "Una stagione, una sculture". A sculpture for every season.
1999 - Ginevra, CH - CAI Centre d'art in l'ile. Piccolo formato.
1999 - Ginevra, CH - - Four-year Sculputre Exhibition.
            Lancy swimming pool.
1999 - Arzo, IT      - Cave sculpture. Ticino, CH.
1999 - Ginevra, CH - du Jardin Alpin. "La Cornice" Sculpture.
1999 - Ginevra, CH - Artist studio. Open Day.
1998 - Ginevra, CH -Le Comestible bookshop: engraving and
            art books.
1997 - Séprais, CH - Sculpture. Jura CH.
1996 - Ginevra, CH - Athénée Palace. Sculpture.
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